Dragon Dreams Quilted Duffle Bag


Color: Chalkboard Only 10 Left in stock!

Color: Chalkboard

Only 10 Left in stock! Only 10 Left in stock!
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  • Our fairytale-inspired duffle for trips to the castle and beyond.
  • Take on the go for your next magical weekend away.
  • Quilted cotton that’s soft & stylish.
  • Features a long zipper for easy visibility inside. Never lose a sock again!
  • Internal pocket with zipper keeps small essentials safe.
  • Try it as your security-friendly carry-on. No need to check a bag.
  • Keep it clean: Machine wash cold on a gentle cycle. Skip the bleach. Tumble dry low, warm iron.
  • Oversized for what you need but not too big for the overhead compartment.
  • Go ahead, pack another wardrobe change.
  • 13.5" tall x 19" wide x 10" deep.
  • The Pattern: Journey into a world of mythical beasts and enchanted castles with our Dragon Dreams print. This captivating design brings to life the grandeur of dragons and the majesty of castles, providing a sleepwear and lounge experience that's as exciting as it is comfortable. Ideal for those who crave adventure and the allure of the fantastical, this style allows you to relax in a realm where dragons roam amongst castle towers.